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We are looking for sponsorship from local businesses. You can sponsor a room in the project or can sponsor one of our schemes;


Our planned schemes.


"Clean StreetZ" - We will need correct equipment in order to clean up our local parks / streets. The residents will be available to clean up local parks and streets with the support of volunteers and paid staff.


"Wood Works" - We need tools & materials in order to make wooden dolls houses which we can sell. This not only develops skills and provides good use of time for residents, any profit made will go towards the weekly food budget.


"Onya Bike Project" - We need second hand bikes in order for residents to attend job interviews / appointments and work experience. This is also to encourage use of cycling rather than public transport, improving health & fitness levels and kinder to the environment (and cheaper!)


"Suits U Bank" - We need to build up a clothes & shoes bank so residents can "look the part" for work experience / job interviews. We would be looking for businesses to have a "work clothing amnesty day” Where employees can donate a piece of clothing to our bank suitable for an interview.


In return for sponsorship, we can provide different services. An example would be a free Carwash service. This is for employees of an organisation that sponsors us. Have your car cleaned by us while you’re at work!


Other schemes to be developed are Graffiti removal / Fence painting / Gardening etc.


It is a common misconception that homeless / unemployed don't want to work. This is not our experience. Time to Change is about introducing unpaid & paid work experience into resident’s lives. Voluntary community work has many great benefits.


Other ways local businesses can support our Project is to offer a one day or one week work trial for residents. We would also encourage local employers to come and speak to our residents to explain to them what it is they are looking for in an employee.


The Project is designed to support residents into employment. If you feel your business can assist us in any way, please contact Rachel Holliday






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