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Homelessness in West Cumbria


Shocking but true that between January 2013 and October 2013 849 people went into their local homeless department asking for help with a homeless issue in West Cumbria. Thats 849 too many.......

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Time to Change (West Cumbria) Project CIC is a community interest company established by Rachel Holliday with the aim to help tackle homelessness in West Cumbria. The Project aims to provide 24 hour emergency accommodation based in West Cumbria. We recognise the rise in homelessness in West Cumbria particularly amongst our armed forces personnel. We therefore aim to prioritise British service Personnel experiencing difficulties re-intergrading into civilian life.


There is a 6 month maximum stay and residents are responsible for fundraising / cooking / cleaning and managing the project with support from staff and volunteers. The Project is completely 'dry' and staff will be on site 24/7. We only accept referrals from people from West Cumbria (local connection only). We aim to provide paid and unpaid employment opportunities through our various social enterprise schemes.


This Project will provide residents who are homeless with not only a “bed for the night” but the essential life skills needed to enter employment and become part of our local community.



Although we do not have a property yet we are hoping it won’t be long until we do!


In the meantime, there is a lot of work to do to open this Project. All our directors are now in place. However we need volunteers, paid staff, builders, painters, plumbers, gardeners,......you name it we need it!


We are currently working hard raising funds, if you would like to get involved in our many fundraising events this year, please contact Rachel Holliday


Any specific queries about the Time to Change (West Cumbria) project please contact Rachel Holliday. For details on how you can become involved through volunteering, please contact us through the online donation form.


Other opportunities will be advertised through this website, blog and the facebook page. You can also follow our progress through Rachel's blog on the project. You can be kept up to date with progress being made by subscribing to our newsletter. Please check out our events!



We fully believe this Project will not only reduce homelessness in our area it will bring our communities closer together. These are hard times for many of us. We live in such a beautiful place, yet poverty is rife.


We believe it is time to change current out of date and unhelpful ideas of homelessness and unemployment. Working together, sharing skills, helping others less fortunate than ourselves and then giving back to our community once we have had a helping hand. This is what Time to Change is all about.


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